World Peace


At Hear Their Roar, we believe fully in collaboration and the joy of working together. Our work revolves around relationships and communication, and the relationships with our partners are highly valued and celebrated.

For us, partnerships mean we can achieve and sustain so much more. 

For our partners, it means you and your employees play a vital, life changing role in creating a difference in the lives of children, adolescents and adults in disadvantaged communities. 

How Your Company Can Be Involved:

The list is endless and can include; financial donations, charity of the year, employee engagement or fundraising, co-promotion, sponsoring one of our events or sponsoring one of our projects, percentage of sale giving, payroll giving or in-kind donations. We are always happy to think outside the box and come up with new ways and ideas too. We can create a plan that connects with your ethics and strategic objectives.

What We Promise You:

  • 100% transparency - we provide reports and proof of how financial support has been spent and the impact it has had.

  • Support - we will provide you with a team to take the best care of our collaboration.

  • Joyful engagement - making a difference in the world should be joyful, exciting, fun and boost morale!

If you would like to partner with us, in any way, please do email -


Your partnership will help to achieve and provide...

...more projects, long term investment in communities and greater impact.

Hear Their Roar provides projects in communities across Africa and your partnership is essential to the sustainability of this work.