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Emotions, feelings and the body

One of my foster children for many years would always have a tummy ache at random times. This was a clear indicator that she was worried or anxious. When she had headaches they normally came when she was angry.


These aches may have been real or may have been imagined, either way was kind of irrelevant. They were an expression of a feeling and as the adult it was my responsibility to see past the aches to what could be going on and help her understand feelings do affect our bodies and we can take them as a signal for what we are emotionally feeling.


When our kids use things to grab control over, for example eating is a common one, again look for the emotions. Anxiety can play out in food issues.


This body map by Finnish scientists is great. We can clearly see where emotions are held in our bodies.


On our projects we get our children to draw an outline of themselves then colour in where they feel anger, sadness, worry, fear in their body. They also highlight on their outline physical signs of emotions i.e. need to scratch when anxious or play with hair when worried or clench fists when angry.

It's a really good exercise and visual aid for children to understand how our emotions do affect our bodies.

Give it a go when teaching your kids about Emotional Intelligence.

Parents and teachers can use this when working with children or teens.

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