This volunteer position offers a great opportunity to use your skills and input into the lives of young people who have experienced abuse or trauma.

You will facilitate workshops with young people investing in their self-image, identity, confidence, self-belief, hope and decision making skills.


You will have opportunity to use your strong interpersonal skills to develop relationships with our Host Agency, contacts, supporters and clients.

Hear Their Roar also cares for our teams’ mental health and provides lots of R&R. When we are working and giving out to the extent that we do we also need to make sure that we are restored and have time to debrief, rest and invest in ourselves so we can give our max to the young people we work with. So you will have amazing experiences which will last a lifetime in the Country you are volunteering in.

- Nairobi, Kenya: the team goes to Sheldrick Elephant orphanage, the Giraffe orphanage and on a 2 day Safari once the work contract ends.

- Kenema, Sierra Leone: the team goes to the beach for 2 days after the work contract ends.

What we are looking for:

 Excellent verbal communication skills

 Excellent singing, acting or dance skills

 Positive, enthusiastic, professional, encouraging and persuasive personalities

 Team players who will always put the team first

 Flexible and adaptable people who ‘can do’ at the drop of a hat!!

 People who believe in and who will uphold Hear Their Roar ethos and vision


If you would like to do a project with us:

What we offer you:

We are with you every step of the way when you come on a project with us

  • We guide you with ideas to raise your funding

  • We organise flights, accommodation, itinerary, food

  • We send you a check list to make sure you remember important bits like travel insurance, injections, what to pack, visa etc

  • We have a team training session that looks at all the things we will be doing so you are fully prepared

  • While we are out on a project we have daily and regular chats to make sure everyone is happy and if anyone needs anything we can achieve it

  • A trip of a lifetime!!

What is the nest step?

Fill in the form below and we will contact you asap and get the ball rolling - we are super excited to work with you!



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